Home: Ohio.

Age: Born in August of 1985. I leave the math as an exercise for the reader.

Height: Super tall.

Like how tall: Like, 6’5″. Or 1.96 meters for you SI-ficionados out there.

What’s all this then: I’m a copyeditor, a (former) computer programmer, and an author. I write novels, stories, and poems (mostly unpublished so far). I can juggle, I have a black belt in karate, and I’ve jumped out of an airplane. I’m into philosophy, Babylon 5, and the Spanish language. I’ve been to London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Tokyo, Paris, Manila, and Juneau. I have personally seen the largest living thing in the world. I read xkcd, SMBC, and Delancey Place.

Oh yeah, and I blog a lot.

If any of that sounds like a good time, stick around a while, maybe even leave me some comments. If at any point you’re not satisfied, return the unused portion for a full refund!