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Anna again


Drew this yesterday


By Popular Demand: Appa!

Appa digital

Still Alive

I’m still struggling with illness, so updates will continue to be spotty for a while. But I’ve kept on drawing, so here’s a little something to keep you entertained.

Uncle Iroh:

Iroh digital

Katara:Katara digital

Toph:Toph digital

Is Brian Ever Going to Post Serious Writing Again


Aang Headband

Aang Headband

Brian Draws Some More

Another one of Katara, in ink and colored pencil:

Katara Rain

Digitally colored, and with the eyes adjusted:

Katara Rain Digital

Brian Draws

If Avatar: The Last Airbender is a kids’ show, then I’m officially still a kid at twenty-eight years old. I’m obsessed. I love the characters, the art, the music, the story, everything.

As the madness takes hold, the symptoms become more severe. We’ve reached the stage where I’m drawing fan art.

Here’s a pencil sketch of Toph:


And here’s Katara:


What do you like to draw?

Deb Stewart’s Art Show

"Blue Monday"

“Blue Monday”

Deb Stewart is my mom. She’s also a painter who’s dedicated years of hard work to her art, and this month, it all paid off.

Over a dozen of her paintings were (and still are!) featured in the “Late Bloomers” art show hosted by the Preble County Art Association. On May 11, I got the chance to check it out.

As with all these photos, you can click to enlarge:




Center Table

Of course, the art show’s adopted mascot – Glinda, the one-eyed cat – kept careful watch on the proceedings.

Closeups of some individual paintings:

"Song of the Serpent"

“Song of the Serpent” – One of my absolute favorites. I love the explosion of color, the mysterious surrealism.

"Zinnias with Doily"

“Zinnias with Doily” – Notice the detail on the doily.


“Exuberance” – Another of my favorites. This one sold already.

Center Table Closeup

"Summer Daydreams"

“Summer Daydreams” – One of her older paintings, with a clear, crisp style. See how she uses contrasting colors (yellow and purple) to make the background interesting?

"Mixed Blessings"

“Mixed Blessings”

"Fun at the Fair"

“Fun at the Fair”


“Contemplation” – Look at the detailed texture in the upper left of the green area.



I can’t tell you how proud I am of what she’s accomplished.

Steampunk Triforce

It represents Wisdom, Courage, Power, and Bird.

Modeled off the Triforce Crest from the Legend of Zelda games, with coloring based on the Hylian Shield. Not strictly steampunk, I guess, but that’s the vibe I get from looking at it.

I did the drawing in ink, then colored it afterward with Paint.NET.

What do you think?


Orange you glad I didn't post another spider?

Click to enlarge. Rarrrrrr!

A couple weeks ago, I showed you a poster of a giant spider I drew for Halloween. This time I went for the orange poster board and took a shot at Jack. What do you think?

I may do a third one, too. I’m thinking Scarecrow of Horror. Any other sweet ideas?