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Two announcements

  1. The Federalist Capers are no more. Mostly because (a) I don’t have the time, and (b) I don’t have much profound to say.
  2. I finished the first draft of Part II of The Crane Girl! All I have left is a few more chapters of Part III, and all of Part IV (which is very short). On track to finish the entire first draft by May 20, which is Betsy’s birthday and my self-imposed deadline.

The Federalist Capers — Issue no. 4


Issue 4 is now available.

Paul wrote a great section exploring Trump’s ties to Russia. We also look at Trump’s war with the media (and with objective reality), offer a template for writing to your Senators, and suggest other ways you can make a difference.

Those of you who subscribe to the paper edition, you should get your copy in the next day or two.

Stay sane out there.

The Federalist Capers — Issue no. 3


Here’s issue 3.

Topics include:

  • How Trump is consolidating power. I’ve seen a lot of articles that say Trump is starting a “coup.” It’s too early to claim that. But the signs are not encouraging.
  • Executive orders so far. Especially the travel ban. Mr. Burns wrote this section (my friend Paul, not the Simpsons character).
  • The resistance. It’s not futile.
  • What you can do. Two exciting events in April, among other things.

Those of you who subscribe to the paper edition, you should get your copy in the next day or two.


The Federalist Capers — Issue no. 2


Here’s issue 2.

The front page includes a for-and-against opinion section about ad hoc deal-making like the Trump-Carrier deal. I had the easy job of writing the “against” opinion, while Paul had the trickier task of coming up with a “for” opinion.

The back page has a comparison (with graphs!) of Trump’s Cabinet nominees vs. Obama’s 2008 Cabinet nominees. This took a number of hours to research. I hope you’ll check it out.

You’ll also find the Quote of the Month, some ideas for actions you can take, and of course, that handsome eagle.


The Federalist Capers — Issue no. 1


My friend Paul and I have started a monthly newsletter called The Federalist Capers (aren’t we clever?) about the state of the union, post-Election Day.  The first issue is available now. For those who subscribe to the paper version, you should be getting yours via snail mail shortly.

Why a newsletter?

For one thing, looking over the news of the past month — as opposed to reacting to news on a daily basis — forces Paul and me to consider what’s most important (like Trump’s Cabinet picks and his conflicts of interest) and what’s sideshow (like the Hamilton thing). Fitting all the news, commentary, and suggested actions into a single page (front and back) forces us to narrow our focus even further.

But beyond that, I think it’s good for all of us to be reminded now and then that this is not normal and this is not okay. No, he’s not President yet, but he’s already done (and failed to do) a lot of things worth talking about. And a newsletter is another way to keep these discussions alive — a little different format than the blog, engaging brains in (hopefully) a little different way.

How long will we keep this up? Not sure yet. Maybe only a couple of issues, maybe years. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, enjoy Issue no. 1!