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Yoda vs. Everybody 05 & 06: Gandalf & Neo

Yoda vs. Gandalf:

Yoda vs. Neo:

Yoda vs. Everybody 04: Super Mario Bros.

Yoda vs. the Super Mario Bros.

Yoda vs. Everybody 02 & 03: Emperor Palpatine & Batman

These first couple of battles, I was still figuring things out, so admittedly they’re not as cool as the later fights. Still, you might get a kick out of them. Enjoy!

Yoda vs. Emperor Palpatine:

Yoda vs. Batman:

Yoda vs. Everybody 01: Intro

Everybody’s busy these days, and I figure most of you aren’t going to sit down and watch a random 20-minute video, start to finish, all at once. So I thought I’d split it up into pieces. Here’s the intro:

Next week I’ll post the first battle.


Yoda vs. Everybody

"Looks like Spielberg's work."

Let me tell you a story.

On January 22, 2004 – during my second year of college – I had an idea. My idea was that Yoda was hella badass, and that a video of him fighting lots of different opponents would be totally sweet.

Problem: I had few, if any, video-making skills. I was, however, pretty handy with MS Paint.

You can see where this is going.

Over the next month and a half, I worked obsessively, creating twenty different battles, an extra bonus fight, an intro, credits, and outtakes & deleted scenes. Frame by frame, over a thousand in all, handcrafted lovingly with the wonders of MS Paint. Complete with background music. Nineteen minutes long.

On March 7, 2004, Yoda vs. Everybody made its debut to a packed house. (Admittedly, the dorm rooms were pretty small.)

In spite of its Stone Age graphics, I loved that video as much as anything I’d ever made. Unfortunately, because I knew nothing about video editing, I ended up with a horrifically uncompressed file. I seem to recall it was something like 20 gigabytes, though that may be high. The point is, due to its massive size, making a backup would be cumbersome. I never got around to it. The file on my personal hard drive was the only copy that existed anywhere.

You can see where this is going.

Sometime in the autumn of October 2005, I moved from the dorms to an apartment, and my hard drive was damaged in the process. Unrecoverable, despite the heroic efforts of my fellow Computer Science majors. Yoda vs. Everybody was lost to the world forever, one of the minor tragedies of my own personal Bildungsroman.

Until now.

As I’ve mentioned, I recently took a graduate course in Digital Forensics – which involves, among other things, recovering data from hard drives. Armed with newfound knowledge and confidence, I retrieved my battered disk from the basement where I had still been keeping it, without much hope, just in case. I devoted a whole weekend back in July to the attempt. And with the help of some very powerful software called Active@ File Recovery, I was able to get back enough files to reconstruct the entire video, start to finish, music and all.

Yoda vs. Everybody lives again.

My friends have convinced me that this little relic deserves a wider audience. I’ve decided to put it on YouTube.

Wanna see?