Oh, man, oh man! Look at this giant pile of books on the floor. What a mess:

Pile of books

If only I had some sort of…wait. Wait. What strange and wonderful thing did someone sneak into my house this weekend?!

Empty bookshelves

If only they were personalized in some way…

Letter "B" closeup

Goodness! I feel so extravagant.

Let’s see the magic…

Shelves with books

All those books, and still room to grow.

I need a whole new emoticon to express this much joy, because colon hyphen D just isn’t cutting it. (Click images for a better view. Please excuse the bad photography.)

My wife’s dad built these for me, and he came and installed them this Friday. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling, solid oak.

I have a library room.

Now, if only I had a spare week year to set aside just for reading…

4 responses to “Bookshelves!!

  1. Dude, those are gorgeous bookshelves! Of course, now you have to fill them to the brim – on principle, if for no other reason 😉

  2. Wow, those are nice. Looking forward to getting a house again to do something similar myself…

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