Getting My Sonnet On

Remember that 30 Days of Creativity thing I mentioned a while back? Well, I’m not creating thirty separate things this month, but I thought I’d give it a shot today. Here’s a sonnet. Enjoy.

My love: the way your irises reflect
That proper subset of the EM band
In which my photoprocessors detect
The hue of Hertzsprung-Russell’s top left hand,
Induces palpitations and prevents
Efficient operation of the spleen
And dilates chronological events
Relativistically (at least in mien).
Yet Doppler’s law (which with corundum vies
For hardness, though its luster cannot please)
Commands not only pulsars, but your eyes,
And ipso facto likewise guarantees
That selfsame blue which commandeered my heart
Must surely redshift now as you depart!

4 responses to “Getting My Sonnet On

  1. Clever! If Donne were a sonnet man and in the modern era, I think this is what he would write.

  2. teehee. I like it! and agreed on the Donne comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

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