W00t W00t


What’s this, Blue Progress Bar? You have something to tell me about my novel-in-progress?


Blue Progress Bar says: second pass revision for The Counterfeit Emperor is COMPLETE!!!

(Kids, I’m a trained writer and these are special circumstances. Don’t attempt three consecutive exclamation points at home. Somebody might get hurt.)

So, to be clear: although the second pass is complete, I still have a little revision left to do. Some info-dumps I need to break up a bit, some pacing issues to work on, some under-described passages I need to bring to life. However, I do think at this point that most of the heavy lifting – the major character adjustments, the serious plot changes – is done. Which is pretty exciting. Most of what’s left is relatively minor. I’ve promised beta readers I will have this novel ready for them by the end of this month NO MATTER WHAT. (dun dun dun)

Words before revision: 104,646

Words after revision: 111,066

So this new version is about twenty pages longer. Normally you want your manuscript to be shorter after revision, but trust me, I did cut out lots of stuff from this draft. It’s just that even more stuff had to be added.

Books, man. Am I right? Books.

6 responses to “W00t W00t

  1. Congrats on the complete! Must have felt pretty awesome scribbling that last bit of blue in…

    So what can one do to get in on some kind of advance/early purchase deal when you have a copy you’re willing to let go? Willing to pay full hardcover price (regardless of format) here.

    I think you should have my email address if you’d like to discuss offline.

    • Thanks, man! If I do succeed in finding a traditional publisher (shelf space in a Barnes & Noble, that kind of thing) I have no idea whether I’ll end up with many advance copies, but I tell you what: if you remind me, I’ll be sure to mail you a signed copy. Nothing like counting your books before they hatch, right? 😉 If I don’t find a publisher, and if there’s much interest in it, I may put it online as a free download.

      Very cool of you to ask, by the way! 😀

  2. Hurry up! Dude really!? so slow jeez haha

  3. Excellent! Full speed ahead!!!!

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