Friday Links

Our hyperlink farmers have been working hard all week, harvesting raw HTML and sifting through it for the choicest morsels. And there you sit, like some emperor at your computery throne, sparing a glance at their efforts here and there, clicking occasionally on what pleases your imperial fancy, waving the rest away. Well, I hope you’re happy.

Er – I mean – thanks for reading my blog, and here are some links. 🙂

First up, since yesterday’s post was a story written for Chuck Wendig’s weekly challenge, I’ll link to his new challenge for this week: unicorns. I’ll give it a shot if I have time!

You’ve probably already heard that Borders is officially liquidating. I actually got an e-mail from them this morning, in which their CEO Mike Edwards says thank you and talks about “the true and noble cause of expanding access to books and promoting the joy of reading.” Whether he wrote that himself or copied it from someone in PR, it sums up the way I feel about book stores too. There’s no Borders in my town, so I rarely shopped there, but I’m still sorry to see them go.

Turns out, Borders owes some publishers a lot of money, and they won’t be getting it all back. Penguin alone is apparently owed over $41 million. Fewer bookstores, more cautious publishers – sounds like a great time for a new author to break in!

Here’s a nice little post about rejection statistics. The author looks at some numbers for literary agent Weronika Janczuk and concludes “If you query Ms. Janczuk, your chances of getting an offer are about 1 in 2000 (all things being equal, which of course, they are not.)” That last point is important: the long odds aren’t odds, they just tell you how many other queries you’ll leave in the dust if your writing is good enough.

INTERN announces International Sh*tty First Draft Week (asterisk hers). Next week she will feature authors who reveal excerpts from the sh*tty first drafts of their successful work, and on Friday, she’ll ask all her readers to contribute their own sh*tty first drafts. Who knows…I may see what kind of contribution I can dig up.

This comic is pretty much how I feel about my own writing ability.

Moving on to non-writing-related links…first, you’ve probably heard about the famine in Somalia. I’d encourage you to donate to Doctors Without Borders, or some other worthy organization. Even $5 or $10 would help.

This – well, this is just really cool. The Internet of Things.

And finally, this comic makes me happy and sad and smarter at the same time. (Warning: although that particular comic is safe for work, the rest of the archive is not. Click responsibly.) I love SMBC.

Truly, that is all I have. Here’s hoping that your weekend shines with the ineffable quintessence of the transcendent – or, failing that, here’s hoping your weekend is pretty good! See you Monday.

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