Hemingway Just Got PUNKED

Maybe you’ve heard this before: Ernest Hemingway’s friends were all like, “Hey, I bet you can’t write a complete story in just six words,” and he’s all “Oh it’s on now,” and he comes up with the following:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

And then his friends were like “Oh no he didn’t.” But he totally did.

Of course, Hemingway wasn’t the first to attempt the six-word story. Julius Caesar beat him to the punch by two thousand years:

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Now, you might argue that the Hemingway story is probably apocryphal. Or you might point out that Caesar’s story was only three words in the original Latin, and may be apocryphal too. Whatever. Point is, a lot of folks seem pretty taken with this whole business of writing a story in six words.

Well, listen up kids, you’re in Buckley’s world now. I’m going to tell a complete story in just five words. In fact, I’m going to tell three stories in five words each, just because I can.

You ready for this? Let’s get it done:

Kill me again. Dare you.

Lathered. Rinsed. Repeated. Still single.

infinitely looping stories are like

Oh. Oh, yeah. That felt good.

All right, hypothetical readers, what’s up now? Ready to boycott The Sun Also Rises now that you’ve tasted the genuine magic? Want to punk Hemingway with a five-word story of your own? Going to punk me with a four-word story? Leave it in the comments!

4 responses to “Hemingway Just Got PUNKED

  1. One look, blinded for life.

    No idea how these things work actually. No clue what makes a story. To me, they all just seem like prompts.

  2. Woke up in Fresno, naked.

    I’m pretty sure that’s only one word in German

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