My wife is amazing. No, no, that’s not just some blind assertion. I can prove it. Like, with science.

Here’s the evidence: check out what she got me for my birthday last week. (Click to enlarge.) Hola, Señor Dragón!

Dragon 1

What’s this? You brought a friend?

Dragon 2

I reckon the one on top, guarding my dystopias, is Smaug, and that’s Glaurung underneath. Bit of a family resemblance, wouldn’t you say?

But wait, there’s more:

Dog 1

Dog 2

If the dragons are from Tolkien, I suppose that makes the dog Huan, eh? (Fitting, too – this is my eleventy-first blog post.) Well, maybe not. Perhaps I’ll learn his name later.

He does look like he has a bit of separation anxiety. (HA! Get it? Because he’s…right, okay. I’ll stop.)

Anyway. Wife = amazing. Hypothesis = proved. QED, bitches!

2 responses to “Bookends!

  1. You make me want to take a photo of my bookshelves and post it on my blog too to compare! …Cause…ya know…apparently that’s how I show off XD

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