Emancipation of the Blog

When I started this blog, I had a very clear direction in my mind: I wanted it to be entirely about writing.

I had always been frustrated when I visited author blogs in the past. I was reading these blogs because I wanted to know more about what it’s like to be a writer. I wanted writing advice, insight, practical help. Instead I got pictures of pets, political rants, and book promotions. Sure, I thought, it’s their prerogative, they can write about whatever they want, but I’m going to be different.

For over six months now, I’ve kept pretty close to my goal. But it’s not as easy as I thought.

I feel like most of my posts these days fall into one of three categories: (1) talking about my own writing, (2) discussion or advice about writing technique, and (3) “inspirational” posts. (“Inspirational” is in quotes to keep me from gagging.)

But here’s the deal. (1) Most of the time, the status of my own writing is “Yep, still working on [insert story name].” (2) I’m just not experienced enough to trust my own writing advice yet. (3) There are only so many ways to say “Ignore your inner demons and keep writing no matter what.”

Of course, I can also talk about things I’ve read, other book-related topics, etc. But the point is, the well is running dry. I still have literally dozens of ideas for posts about writing, but few that I’m excited enough – or have done enough research – to actually create.

I want to be excited about this blog. Otherwise, I’m wasting my time and yours. Besides, I’ve been down that road before, and trust me, it sucks.

So, by executive order, this blog is hereby liberated from the shackles of Writing About Writing. It is now free to cover any topic I’m excited about. BAM, bitches!

Now obviously, “any topic I’m excited about” very much includes writing, so I don’t expect those posts to stop. They just have a little competition now. It’ll be good for ’em. It’ll keep ’em honest.

What say you, citizens? Will you miss the single-minded, borderline-OCD focus on books, or are you glad to read about something new for a change? Are you not entertained?!

8 responses to “Emancipation of the Blog

  1. As long as it’s interested, I like it.

  2. Welcome to the evolution of pretty much every writer’s blog, lol. I bet if you delved into the archives of some of those other author blogs you talk about, you’d see a similar turning point somewhere. Because those 3 reasons you listed? They apply to all of us.

    Also, a lot of people advise AGAINST writing about writing, because that ONLY interests other writers. (Mostly.) Whereas writing about your other passions might entertain a different audience.

    Personally I think being TOO strategic can be just as detrimental as being not strategic enough. Just have fun and entertain yourself. If you like it, other people are bound to as well.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard the “don’t write about writing” thing too. I’ve also heard “keep your blog focused on your topic.” As always, the advice contradicts. ๐Ÿ™‚ But you’re right, this does seem like the inevitable outcome in retrospect. And I have to wonder if the “keep your blog focused” people have heard of John Scalzi.

  3. I visit people’s blogs to hear about what interests them – and when they’re writers, of course that gets discussed too. Everyone is interesting and that’s part of the whole package. Welcome to the rest of yourself. We’re waiting.

  4. I’m fine with moving on to other topics. I’m a writer, so of course I find writing interesting, but political views like today’s post or politics or whatever is also interesting. And since this blog is, like, my sole link to the world outside of either a school textbook or my computer, it’ll be nice to know what’s going on in the world or what interests you.

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