Friday Links

Yesterday morning, at the same time I posted about the Black Swallower, a comic went up on Dinosaur Comics about the very same thing. Ryan North must be reading the same sites I am. He also mentions the “sea squirt,” an animal that – I can’t make this up – eats its own brain. The relevant question, as he so neatly puts it: WHY IS THE SEA A NIGHTMARE WITHOUT END?

As a complement to my State of the Revolution post earlier this week, here’s the State of Internet Censorship around the world. Highlights include Thailand, where clicking “Like” on Facebook can land you in prison, and the UK, which is working on a system to monitor and report when people access Facebook and Twitter. (Don’t worry, they’re only going to use it against Bad People! Yeah.)

One of the cooler things I’ve seen this week: Star Wars Dueling Cellos. It cannot be explained; it merely is.

xkcd has been hit-or-miss lately, but this comic is a definite hit.

Finally, I’ve decided to open up the “Friday Links” concept a little. Instead of me just throwing websites at you, I think it’d be cool to hear what sites caught your attention this week, too. If you have any links to share, please post them in the comments! (Linking to your own site is fine if you want to share something cool. I’m confident y’all are too classy to turn this into a spam-fest.)

Have a great weekend!

4 responses to “Friday Links

  1. Here’s a fun one!

  2. There is much coolness in this Hubble space telescope Advent Calendar (aka an excuse to look at pretty/overhwelming/impressive/epic space photos each day).

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