Friday Links

First off, thanks to everyone who gave me advice on where I should go during my upcoming trip to Russia! One comment, from Thomas Harris, linked to a story about a girl who snuck into a Russian military rocket factory…and took pictures. I really can’t put into words how incredibly badass these photos are. One click and you’ll see what I mean. (And if you happen to speak Russian, her blog is right here.)

Another reader, Lura Slowinski, pointed me to NPR’s list of 10 things to do with a Twinkie. I’m really tempted to try #7, “Espionage.”

In the news: Radio Free Europe reports that a Russian patriarch is urging the government not to ignore the will of the protesters.

Also, Salt Lake City is the gayest city in America, apparently. That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Oh, and whatever happened to Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-bop-bop?

And finally: webcomics! xkcd is enlightening, PvP is sweet, and Buttersafe just brings the funny.

Got any links to share? Post ’em in the comments! And have a fabulous weekend.

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