Russia, France, What the Hell?

Short on time this morning so I’ll make it quick.

Over the weekend, Russia signed a $500 million deal to supply Syria with weapons. This would be the same Syria that’s already murdered over 5,000 of its own people in the past year, for the crime of wanting democracy. Apparently Putin watched the videos of the Syrian military shooting civilians and said, “You know what those soldiers need? More bullets.” Thanks for that one, Vlad.

France (along with Britain and the U.S.) condemned the sale, even as it took steps to restrict freedoms inside its own borders. The French Senate recently passed a bill making it a crime for any French citizen to deny the occurrence of the Armenian genocide, which happened in World War I. There’s no question that the genocide is a historical fact, but wrapping its memory in a law that tears away at free speech is a bitter irony, not to mention idiotic.

What the hell, France? You’re supposed to be one of the good guys.

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