Monument to the Revolution

Near the small town of Podgarić in Croatia, literally in the middle of a field, stands the creature above. Macedonian sculptor Dušan Džamonja built it in 1967, commissioned (presumably) by the Communist government in charge of what was then Yugoslavia. It was called “Monument to the Revolution of the People of Moslavina,” a World War II memorial and a symbol of Communist pride.

But Croatia has had another revolution since 1967, the Communists are out, and the years have transformed this object from a political statement into a surreal work of art. Now it rests sans context in the hills, a modern-day Ozymandias, a brooding monster orphaned from its homeworld. You can see it for yourself right here on Google Maps.

Lots of other bizarre Yugoslav sculptures still dot the landscape. The website Artificial Owl showcases all sorts of cool abandoned man-made stuff. Our planet is full of these unknown wonders.

What treasures have you found off the beaten path – sculptures or otherwise?


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