Friday Links

It’s a geeky Friday, people. If any of you mainstream types are reading this blog (though that’s hard to imagine), this may not be your day.

First up, this is the coolest website I’ve found in quite a while:, a collection of fascinating video lectures on a vast array of topics. I’ve watched 3D printers build human organs and mini-copter robots flying in eerie formation. The best one I’ve seen so far is this neuroscientist’s detailed account of her own stroke and the transcendent, Zen-like awe that comes from losing your sense of self.

I’ve also started listening to The Writer’s Almanac online. It’s a daily five-minute NPR segment, but the radio version plays during the work day, so I don’t get to hear it while I’m driving. Let Garrison Keillor’s soothing voice inform you about the history of the writing world, then read you a poem. It’s like after-dinner mints for your brain.

For the Trekkies: here’s Brent Spiner, the actor who played Data, doing a dead-on impersonation of Patrick Stewart (Picard). Epic.

For Zelda fans (Zeldies?): possibly the most intense marimba-based rendition of the Zelda theme song you’ll ever hear. I know, right?

That’s all for this week. A big storm’s rumbling outside, and it’s Friday. How could you ask for anything better?

Have a phenomenal weekend.

2 responses to “Friday Links

  1. “It’s like after-dinner mints for your brain”…ha,ha, I like that one! 🙂

    The neuroscientist’s account of her own stroke sounds interesting, I’ll have to look at that video this weekend.

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