Nothing to See Here

Some days you start writing a post, and it just doesn’t come together. Long weekend, plus a lack of coffee, must’ve scrambled my brain. We’ll do better tomorrow.

If you’re a blogger, what do you when you can’t seem to get a post assembled?


4 responses to “Nothing to See Here

  1. A links post, especially links to other blog posts you’ve liked, is never bad as a stand in. I had a links post do better than the previous day’s post in terms of page views. Megatokyo used to do “Dead Piro Days” but those often still involved quite a bit of content.

    Drink some coffee and get back at it tomorrow man!

  2. What happened to your coffee???

    Actually, it’s a bit refreshing to see you don’t always write an articulate and entertaining post first thing in the morning. 🙂

    Funny, I was just reading a blog that said one of the unwritten rules of blogging was that if you couldn’t think of anything to say, you could always write about your last (interesting?) meal…

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