Friday Links

Don’t forget, next week we start our plunge into the math behind fractals! To get you in a fractally mood, check out this prodigious video that my friend Matt Wolford dropped in a comment, earlier this week. The makers of the video call it the Mandelbox:

And while you’re watching videos, why not try out SMBC’s horrific clever twist on the Ugly Duckling fable?

If you would like a new reason to hate me, please enjoy Amazing Optical Illusions.

Finally…imagine you have two cubes, exactly the same size. Is it possible to cut a hole in one cube big enough that the other cube can pass completely through it? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, want to watch somebody do it?

See you next week, peeps and peepettes! Have a fantastic weekend.

4 responses to “Friday Links

  1. The cube thing was kind of a “duh” once you actually saw it. Any fan of Pythagoras would have gotten it eventually. Best part of that video, all the random people in the comments criticizing how dirty his hands were. Really?

  2. Not sure if trolling… no… you’re trolling 🙂

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