Delenn: “She said you haven’t been sleeping, that you’ve barely been eating. She said that you have been, in her words, ‘carrying on cranky.’ I looked up the word cranky, it said ‘grouchy.’ I looked up grouchy, it said ‘crotchety.'” […]
Sheridan: (distracted) “Something here doesn’t make sense.”
Delenn: “That’s what I thought when I came across ‘crotchety.’ This cannot be a real word, I said.”
-Babylon 5

I woke up cranky this morning. Tired, not enough sleep, not excited about the day, afraid I didn’t have time to get everything done, bitter about life, the universe, and everything. Feeling sorry for myself. Determined to resent every minute of the morning.

It isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I’ve had practice.

But this morning was different. This morning I stopped, and I realized I was only making myself miserable. I was only setting myself up for failure, getting into a mood where any tiny setback (egad, this hotel didn’t pre-fill the iron with water!!) felt like a personal affront. I realized, in other words, that this wasn’t going to work.

So I changed. Just like that, I decided to be happy. And it worked.

It was easier than I thought.

Look, I hate to be that guy. That annoyingly cheerful, inspirational speaker dude who’s always smiling and saying things like, “Live your best life now!” And honestly, I’m not that guy. More often than I wish, I can be cranky; grouchy; crotchety.

Is it always as easy as just deciding to be happy? Maybe not. Okay, probably not. I know everyone’s life is different, people are going through all sorts of trials, and sometimes the energy or the mindset just isn’t there. I get that.

But this morning, for me, happiness was a decision. And if there’s even a chance it could be a decision for you too, I thought that was something worth sharing.


2 responses to “Decisions

  1. I’m very happy for you! This was a real success! Congrats!

    With that said, I hate how you have to put like a mini disclaimer at the end of your post. That you hate to be “that” guy.

    What’s wrong with “that” guy?

    When I first got into The Law of Attraction and all my self help stuff, I lost a friend because of it. As I was learning all this neat stuff, I wanted to share it with her. But for some reason, I think (I’ll never be sure) she thought I was trying to “fix” her and she became really offended. (Honestly, I was trying to fix myself and I thought she’d find the information helpful as well).

    But for some reason, in general society, being happy from inner work rather than some external outcome is considered annoying.

    And that annoys me. I hate that. Mostly because it’s like people want to be justified in feeling miserable. It’s like people are defending being unhappy and want to spread it. And so no one wants to believe or even try the “woo hoo” stuff. Even when it works.

    Your post was worth sharing, damnit. Never be afraid to be “that” guy….even if it’s just for a day.

    That’s how I feel anyways.

    • By “that guy” I just meant someone who’s annoying about their good moods and never shuts up, rather than merely being happy.

      The Buddha was supremely happy, but he didn’t go around rubbing it in anyone’s face. Not that I think I was either, but that’s the kind of person I had in mind.

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