Friday Links

Fractal Week on the Buckley blog is over, but if you’re still in the mood for some sweet, sweet fractal action, then my good friend Ben Trube has the hookups. This week he rocked out with the Sierpinski Triangle, the Koch Snowflake, the Dragon Curve (my personal favorite), and the Labyrinth. Unlike the Mandelbrot Set, these are all fractals you can easily draw yourself! Go check ’em out.

So apparently there’s this Flash game called Super Mario Crossover, where you can play Super Mario Bros. as Samus, Link, Mega Man, and the dude from Contra. It’s free, nothing to download, just click and play. Epic. Even better, the game’s creator said in an interview that he’ll soon be adding Ryu, star of Ninja Gaiden, to the mix. You can watch the trailer right here.

Next up, a hilarious video of a guy reading a love poem. It starts a little slow, with a long explanation of how and why he wrote it, but you can skip straight to 1:55 for the beginning of the poem itself.

Speaking of hilarious videos: Liam Neeson vs. Patrick Stewart. What else can I say?

Now the webcomics:

Finally, it seems the xkcd cartoonist has been reading my blog! Okay, not really – but this comic fits perfectly with one of my posts from March, and this other comic about Skynet ties in nicely with an older post. Randall Munroe, I’m watching you!

That’s all for this week, peeps. See you on Monday. Have a funktastic weekend!


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