Friday Links

The final results of Monday’s poll are in:

roll-playing game


“Roly poly” was by far the most popular option, with “potato bug” coming in second. One commenter, momenteye, broke away from the pack and called it a wood louse. Ceci n’est pas une Armadillidium vulgare.

Of course, this was a small and informal survey. It should surprise no one that the academics asked this question years before I did, and to a lot more people.

It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.

You can even see a color-coded map of responses across the US. Roly poly is still the winner, but by a much smaller margin. Their survey also includes some names I’ve never even heard of, like “basketball bug” and “twiddle bug.” People! Forget the recession – the greatest priority facing us today is to standardize the name of this bug!

ph33r teh sweater vest

Meanwhile, SMBC clarifies the nature of philosophical debates with its usual precision.

pr0n on the Buckley blog :-O

And now for something completely different. The brassiere was long thought to be a 20th-century invention, but recent discoveries prove otherwise. Researchers discovered a hidden stash of clothing in an Austrian castle, and it included a 600-year-old bra (shown above) that looks even more like the modern garment than the ones in the early 1900s. Well done, Austria. Maybe now Americans will finally stop confusing you with Australia.

That’s it for this week. I’m seeing Dark Knight Rises tonight. What are you guys up to?

Have an excellent weekend!

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