Friday Links

Mucho linkage this week!

The bowling league they stole those pins from is gonna be piiiiissed

A video of the best team jugglers in the world. I love how the commentator, himself a professional juggler, gets increasingly bitter at how much better they are than him.

That's a pile of carp if you ask me.

The Onion reports on a promising new service offering short-term carp rental.

Resistance is fut...what? You've heard that one before?

Want to learn about electrical circuits, but don’t want to actually build one? Why not try the Virtual Circuits Lab?

Pale blue dot, up close

How about this: a 19-year-old kid from England strapped a £30 camera to a balloon, released it into space, and put the photos online. There’s hope for our world yet.

We have invented....a hockey puck.

Norwegian researchers have patented, and are selling, semiconducting graphene nanowire. Transistors built out of this stuff would be orders of magnitude faster than what we have today. Moore’s Law FTW.

I've got my eye on you, *water cooler*

Two Guys and Guy has another great comic this week. I admit it: I am this man.

mah face is an egg

SMBC has an excellent comic too, neatly summarizing my thoughts on gay marriage.

Don't hover, just click.

Louis C. K. is brilliant as always. In this clip, titled “Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy,” he goes off on people who complain about technology. Smart phone loading a web page too slow? “Give it a minute! It’s going to space! Can you give it a minute, to get back from space?

And finally: this.

Have a great weekend!


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