The End of the Onslaught

You'd be as sad as that kid too, if you were turned into a marketing ploy.

That’s the political mail we got yesterday alone.

That’s what every house in Ohio has been getting for weeks now. Vote Romney. Vote Obama. Sherrod Brown Personally Saved a Bald Eagle And/Or Will Eat Your Children’s Souls. Josh Mandel: Don’t Confuse Me With Howie. Vote Yes/No/Maybe on Issue 2.

In case you’ve somehow missed the year-long fusillade of paper and photons, today is Election Day. If you’re an American citizen, registered, and informed on the issues, please vote today if you haven’t already.

Otherwise, you know, have a parfait. Everybody likes parfait.

Either way, starting November 7, enjoy the blessed silence.

2 responses to “The End of the Onslaught

  1. I don’t like parfait. I’m more of an onion girl.

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