Friday Links

It makes me sad how accurate this is.

The Creative Process, illustrated. My wife suggested I call this graph “How I Write The Blog.”

what has science done

Some amazing art over here: Batman villain crossovers. Above is Catwoman + Poison Ivy. (Catnip?) Follow the link for five others, including Joker + Riddler and Mad Hatter + Scarecrow. Be sure to click the image to enlarge.

You stay classy, Minnesota.

Thanks to the ad nauseum election coverage, we all know that “red state” means Republican and “blue state” means Democrat. But how did the colors get those meanings? It happened a lot more recently than you may realize.

It's not easy being, uh, you know

Some encouraging news from the world of dirty politics (i.e. politics): smear campaigns don’t always work. Colleen Lachowicz, who was running for a state Senate seat in Maine, also happens to play World of Warcraft in her spare time. Her Republican opponents, apparently hoping to capitalize on voters’ ignorance of the game, ran a bunch of negative ads that made her seem like some kind of freak for living in a fantasy world and pretending to be an Orc. Well, guess what? That WoW-playing woman is now state Senator-elect. Congrats to her, and even bigger props to the people of Maine for seeing through the ridiculous FUD.

Mot, she's not.

And finally, PvP reminds us of the biggest perk of being bald.

See you next week!

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