Friday Links & A Bit More Calligraphy

I’ve branched out into a new style of calligraphy, called uncial. It’s even older than blackletter, and was used in a lot of Irish writings, among other places. What do you think? (Click to enlarge.)


On to the links…


So, that big NASA announcement? May not be so much “one for the history books” after all. The Curiosity rover found a few nonliving organic compounds…that may or may not be contamination from Earth. Keep watching, I suppose.


Meanwhile, the existence of unicorns has been proven…by, uh, the North Korean state media. Well, I’m convinced.


Penny Arcade enlightens us on the true meaning of Christmas World of Warcraft.


PvP also has a WoW comic, but they – ahem – delve a little deeper.

That’s it for this week. See you Monday, and have a stellar weekend!

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