Times I got sick: 2

Dog bites received: 1

Computers fixed: 1

Books read: 4

Pages read of Anna Karenina: 731 of  963 (almost there!)

Books started, and put down in disgust: 3

Books given for Christmas: 4

Books received for Christmas: 5

Video games beaten: 1

New Year’s resolutions made: 3

Relatives seen: 8

Wife’s relatives seen: 50+

Times I said, “Wish I were back in the office right now”: 0

Overall Vacation Evaluation Rating (OVER): epic

…and we’re back! How was your vacation (and/or last two weeks)?

8 responses to “Post-Vacation STATUS REPORT

  1. Days off from work: 2; presents given & received: 0; relatives seen: 5; mystery stories posted: 1; times interviewed: 1; movies seen: 0; regrets: 1 (there were a couple of movies I wanted to see).

  2. Just curious, which 3 books did you start and put down in disgust?

    …and what were your 3 NY’s resolutions?

    • Three books I stopped reading:
      1. The Star Thrower, by Loren Eisley. Highly-recommended collection of essays, but I couldn’t get over the nauseatingly excessive sense of awe and wonder the author seems to have for every single thing that happens to him.
      2. As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner. Boring, repetitive, pretentious.
      3. The Prisoner of Zenda, by Anthony Hope. Supposed to be an exciting adventure, but bogged down by exposition in the very first chapter.

      Three resolutions:
      1. Exercise, write the blog, and do other little tasks in the morning before work, so that I have the afternoons free for Resolution #2.
      2. Work an hour and a half on the AI every day (half an hour on days I tutor).
      3. Start getting ready for bed by 9:00 every night, so I can get more sleep.
      (All three of these are just for January to start with, to see how it goes.)

  3. I played in a magic tournament yesterday and got fourth and did a little heel click, learned to fly, ate strange food, got a lot of books (six recieved, five and a half read), and generally did nothing for long periods of time except read and make long and rambling run on sentences. Other than that I worked on my MYP personal project a bit more and further pursued my new hobby-learning Mandarin. So that was my vacation from school. How have you been recently?

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