Back in 2009, my friend Paul was showing me around campus, when we discovered something that looked like (but definitely was not) a statue pedestal, bereft of statue. Because I am a goofball, I jumped up onto it and asked Paul to take my picture. The result was surprisingly…statuesque.

If they make a statue of you someday, how would you like it to look? What do you want the plaque to say?

4 responses to “Statuesque

  1. When I take over the world, I’ll be kind of obligated to put up statues of myself, won’t I? It would say “Always watching” or something like that, and the statue would be glaring menacingly down at any passerby foolish enough to look into the face of their goddess, whose power is absolute and her reign eternal.

    …I can dream, okay?

  2. Ideally, I would like a statue of myself put up outside the home of every person who taunted, bullied, teased, and harassed me during school. With a plaque that reads: ‘Now who’s the loser?’

    Alternately, in my less psychotic moments, if anyone ever raises a statue in my honour I’d like the plaque to say something like: ‘Here lies Jo Eberhardt. She was funny.’

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