The Robin


This mother robin has sat outside our kitchen window, guarding her eggs night and day, for at least a week now. When it rains, she stretches out her wings to keep the nest dry.

What signs of spring have you noticed in your area? (Or, for our sub-Equatorial friends: signs of autumn?)

6 responses to “The Robin

  1. Aw, it’s so cute! I raised a baby robin a few years ago. We fed it tuna and kept it in a small pet cage until it could take care of himself (herself?). Robins have to be the most adorable baby birds.

    As for spring, apparently it hasn’t noticed us yet. It’s snowed twice in the last three days :/

  2. I moved to the US nine months ago and I’ve never experienced spring really.. (Or snow even) One thing I noticed is everything became green almost overnight.. It was beautiful.. I am really enjoying experiencing all 4 seasons!

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