Friday Links

whole internet

“What Happened When One Man Pinged the Whole Internet.” Among other things: he pissed off China.

genome compiler

You’ve got your custom-written DNA source code (GATCCGTAGACCCGGA…) but turning it into a living organism is such an inconvenience. Sounds like you need a genome compiler.

robot herd

Or maybe you’d rather have an all-terrain robot (or two!) that carries your gear and follows you anywhere. Boston Dynamics has you covered – and that’s far from the only amazing robot they’ve built.


SMBC proves the Riemann Hypothesis in the most delicious way possible.


And finally: the ever-classy Questionable Content. This comic has happened to me personally. More than once.

You stay classy too, Hypothetical Reader. Enjoy your weekend so hard. See you Monday!

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