Friday Links

I spent a good 40 minutes putting together my usual Friday Links, complete with pictures. Then I hit “Preview” and discovered WordPress had decided to delete it, sans explanation.

So in lieu of that, here’s the short version:

  • Thingiverse is an online database of downloadable 3D printer designs. You can even print a new starship in case your old one gets busted up whilst flying Into Darkness.
  • Hacking the President’s DNA isn’t possible…yet. But how far off is a future like this?
  • Speaking of the future, how about a pill that knows you’ve swallowed it?
  • Somebody mailed a package with a tiny camera inside. This three-minute video takes you inside the journey of mail.
  • Carrie Fisher confirms she’s playing Leia once more in Star Wars: Episode VII. In spite of the rampant cynicism about yet another trilogy, I think the early signs are positive. It’s too early to get excited, but it’s also too early for prophecies of doom.
  • And finally, as always, SMBC delivers.

Have a culturally enlightened weekend – or at least drink some good beer! See you Monday.

2 responses to “Friday Links

  1. Losing work to random deletions/crashes is a pain.

    I have been using Lazarus Form Recovery for a while; the interface is not perfect but it is good for recovering the last post before a form went wonky.

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