Friday Links


Possibly the most useful page on all of Wikipedia. A handy reference, for those times when you get confused.


In case you haven’t seen it: Spock vs. Spock. That is, classic Spock (Leonard Nimoy) vs. new Spock (Zachary Quinto). Spoiler alert, n00bs get pwned.


Problem: getting supplies to many remote parts of the world is difficult. Solution: a network of autonomous quadcopters that can deliver stuff anywhere. Internet, meet MatterNet.

google style

For my programmers in the audience: did you know Google has a coding style guide? Guides for C++, Python, and more.

teh moonz

This month, we saw the brightest meteoroid impact NASA’s ever detected on the moon.


Tech behemoth SAP makes a very unusual announcement. They’re looking for a few good…autistic people.


I can only assume Penny Arcade has cameras in my house, because this, right here, this is me. They even nailed the cantankerous grimace.


And last of all, a word about proper parenting technique from the Internet’s leading authority on the subject: SMBC.

Stop reading, it’s over!

3 responses to “Friday Links

  1. That category is so unnecessary on the face of it that the lawyer in me immediately looks for a reason why it makes sense. Possibly it is legacy from a disused sidebar that pulled data from the Category field? It is probably either obsessive completeness or a satire thereof though.

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