Deb Stewart’s Art Show

"Blue Monday"

“Blue Monday”

Deb Stewart is my mom. She’s also a painter who’s dedicated years of hard work to her art, and this month, it all paid off.

Over a dozen of her paintings were (and still are!) featured in the “Late Bloomers” art show hosted by the Preble County Art Association. On May 11, I got the chance to check it out.

As with all these photos, you can click to enlarge:




Center Table

Of course, the art show’s adopted mascot – Glinda, the one-eyed cat – kept careful watch on the proceedings.

Closeups of some individual paintings:

"Song of the Serpent"

“Song of the Serpent” – One of my absolute favorites. I love the explosion of color, the mysterious surrealism.

"Zinnias with Doily"

“Zinnias with Doily” – Notice the detail on the doily.


“Exuberance” – Another of my favorites. This one sold already.

Center Table Closeup

"Summer Daydreams"

“Summer Daydreams” – One of her older paintings, with a clear, crisp style. See how she uses contrasting colors (yellow and purple) to make the background interesting?

"Mixed Blessings"

“Mixed Blessings”

"Fun at the Fair"

“Fun at the Fair”


“Contemplation” – Look at the detailed texture in the upper left of the green area.



I can’t tell you how proud I am of what she’s accomplished.

2 responses to “Deb Stewart’s Art Show

  1. Thanks Brian!!

    As an amateur artist, I don’t take my painting too seriously, but I def want to improve…and have fun in the process!

    Someday when you have the time, you’ll have to develop your artistic ability. Remember those little books you used to write and illustrate as a child…?

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