I’d Like to Ride the Silver Wind

Yesterday I got a rare and exciting surprise – an e-mail from a reader!

She wanted to know if I had written this poem:

I’d like to ride the silver wind
And leave the planet in my wake
The heavens all around me bend
I’d like to ride the silver wind
By stellar pools that never end
Above the wide uncharted lake
I’d like to ride the silver wind
And leave the planet in my wake.

I didn’t recognize it at first, so I asked Google for help. Sure enough, I wrote it almost ten years ago, shortly after I graduated high school, as part of a guide to poetic forms on the art website Elfwood.

This particular form is called the triolet, which I had never heard of before I did my research, and promptly forgot all about afterward. Its distinguishing feature is a strict rhyme scheme of ABaAabAB, where the capital letters represent lines that repeat, and the lower case letters represent lines that rhyme. Wikipedia says they also tend to be in iambic tetrameter, which my example is.

Anyway, this woman wrote that my work “is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read,” which put a smile on my face.

Last week was a bad week, but so far this week has been excellent.

What’s made you happy lately?

5 responses to “I’d Like to Ride the Silver Wind

  1. It is a very emotive poem, and a new verse form to me, so that is two things that have made me happier.

    In non-Brian news (for I do not solely draw joy from your existence), Una Cat has started to lie on my lap more often, and is showing her belly, so is possibly overcoming more trust issues. Also I have had another guest post pitch accepted.

  2. Well, seeing more of your poetry is always awesome. In other news, I have finally gotten a new pair of headphones to replace my old ones, and since my computer’s speakers are just terrible that is very welcome news because now I can listen to non-static-y sounding music again. Music is always good (Except when it’s not).

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