Friday Links


Fellow blogger, co-revolutionary, and all-around gentleman of quality Ben Trube has released his latest book! Fractals: A Programmer’s Approach can be yours for the low price of $4.99. And for a measly extra dollar, you’ll get a deluge of bonus content, including a vast gallery of gorgeous fractal pics like the one above.

Author interview forthcoming. RESPECT THE TRUBE


The official blog of Restore The Fourth Cleveland – written and created by yours truly – is now live! My posting schedule there is the same as it is here: every weekday, rain or shine. Can one man juggle two daily blogs whilst retaining the affections of his wife?! WE SHALL SEE


xkcd mastermind Randall Munroe answers two reader questions in exquisite detail: what would happen if we drained Earth’s oceans, and what would happen if we dumped all that water on Mars? The Martian island maps he creates are fascinating.


Questionable Content isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, like: how many of your friends are secretly beetles?


Webcomic Two Guys and Guy will help aspiring writers find exactly the right word. (Their servers seem a little flaky today, so you may have to hit refresh.)


Finally, this headline from The Onion: “Rock Apparently Factors Into Girlfriend’s Shower Routine.”

These are all the things I know. I don’t know any more things! See you Monday, and have a splendiferous weekend.

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