Inflicting Poetry on Others

Ben’s recent eBook publication got me thinking. Is there any of my own writing I’d like to self-publish?

I’ve written three novels, but I’m not happy enough with any of them to go that route. But I do have some writing that could see the light. My poems.

A poem, after all, is the only thing I’ve ever gotten professionally published (in Space and Time magazine). It was five bucks for a haiku, but still. A writer doesn’t forget something like that.

A book of poems, however, is much tougher to publish the traditional way. The market just isn’t there. Go into a Barnes & Noble sometime and compare the tiny poetry section with the acres of novels, and you’ll see what I mean.

My poems are already free online, of course, but they’re scattered, and there’s no way to weed out the bad ones. A book would allow me to pick out my own favorites and put them all in a single place. It would also toss a little more fuel on that precious ego-fire all authors need. And best of all, the writing is already done.

I’ll throw the question out there. Would you be interested in a book of my poems? If so, would you prefer a physical copy, or an eBook?

4 responses to “Inflicting Poetry on Others

  1. I would read a book of your poems for sure. eBooks would probably be more handy for me, but the one regret of not having a physical book is you have nothing to sign. In my case the fractal book would have to be sold for $60 a shot (and be 100 pages shorter) if I printed it on services like CreateSpace, but a book of poems should be very affordable. And it would be neat to have an original Buckley sitting on my shelf. Count me in for a sale if you ever go ahead.

  2. I would love to be able to buy a book of your poetry, especially if there were new ones I had never read before. I really do love the flow of your poetry, and it would be nice to have a physical or digital version that I could look through.

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