In last Thursday’s rather ominous post, I wrote that I’ve made two life changes to try and restore a bit of sanity.

First, I’ve resigned from the Read For Life Board of Directors. Read For Life is a local nonprofit that pairs tutors with adult learners to teach English and math skills. I’ve worked with them as a tutor for years now, and I’ve served on the Board for over a year. It’s a good group, but the truth is, I make a much better tutor than Board member.

I’ve also stepped down as organizer of the Cleveland chapter of Restore The Fourth. Similar situation: I believe in the group and what they’re doing, but organizer isn’t the correct job for me right now. Too many other stressors and issues to worry about. I’m working on finding a replacement.

Beyond these two changes, I’m also switching to a new medication, and shifting to some other forms of treatment. So, at the moment, I’m feeling pretty optimistic. To paraphrase Dory: just keep breathing, just keep breathing…

But if I’m phasing out those two jobs, what am I doing now?

For starters, I’d like to spend more time on writing again. Still making plans in this department. More to come later.

I also plan to make tomorrow’s post 90% less introspective. Rumors suggest there may exist a world outside myself, and just to spite the solipsists, I’m going to write about it.

What’s new with you?

4 responses to “Decisions

  1. Hope you succeed in everything you’ve planned!
    All the best..
    And yes, spending more time on writing is a really good idea since you write very well.

  2. Solipsists! *shakes fist*

    Otherwise, I hope everything’s going ok. 😀

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