Friday Links


The Triumph of V’ger: NASA announced yesterday that Voyager 1, the little spacecraft that could, has officially become the first manmade object to exit the solar system. What’s more, it’s still working, still transmitting sensor data, still recording information on an 8-track tape. It’s now 11.7 billion miles from Earth, so distant that its messages take over 17 hours to reach home. But reach home they do, and we’re glad.


Bored? Why not spend a fascinating hour (or three) browsing this Wikiquote page of people’s last words? A tantalizing example: Walt Disney’s last words were “Kurt Russell.” Nobody, not even Kurt, knows why.


Finally, Two Guys And Guy illustrates what happens when one of those cheesy pickup lines actually works.

One last reminder to Ask Me Anything by midnight tomorrow. Don’t be shy. Remember, every single question will be answered.

Have a great weekend!

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