Friday Links

writer combat



What’s wrong with this picture of the Russian Revolution? If you answered “there shouldn’t be a giant robot in the background,” congratulations! You nailed it. Six thousand students taking a history exam were similarly perplexed.

What happens when an Italian singer writes a song that’s pure gibberish, but designed to sound like English? You get Prisencolinensinainciusol, an utterly fascinating piece of music. My brain somehow thinks it’s English, it just can’t…quite…understand any of the words.

Have a good weekend! I’ll be back Monday with more of the answers to your Ask Brian Anything questions.

2 responses to “Friday Links

  1. A high school friend of mine was German, and he could do fake English really well (except, you know, without the choreography). It was indeed weird to listen to. Like suddenly having aphasia.

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