Friday Link


The Singularity has arrived! Or at least, a robotic hand that can beat you at Rock, Paper, Scissors every time. Next up: THE SINGULARITY!

5 responses to “Friday Link

  1. I was impressed with the robot until I discovered it only works for American Rules SPS.

    In the UK you make the gesture behind your back then reveal, so – unless it has a setting to handle not recognising the opponent’s micromotions – it would lose every game by default.

  2. I envision the president, in the Situation Room, looking around the table at his closest advisors and saying somberly, “Gentlemen, we have lost rock-paper-scissors superiorirty. What are our options?” Somebody will then propose that a massive program be undertaken to immediately train every citizen in the United States to follow British R-P-S rules. (The president will want to include illegal immigrants, but the Congress will nix that part.)

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