Friday Links


In the battle against NSA hypersurveillance, we’ve found a new weapon.

Despite its insipid name, the “USA Freedom Act” appears to be the best chance so far of stopping our intelligence system’s massive overreach. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an excellent analysis of the bill, which would stop the call records program and vastly increase transparency, among other things.

It’s supported by a broad coalition of supporters, including the EFF itself, the ACLU, Mozilla, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo!, and many others.

But it still needs your voice.

Please call your representatives today, as I plan to, and ask them to support this bill.


Meanwhile, PVP has their own suggestions on how to handle the NSA.


And of course, the Onion has its own take on the issue.

Finally, I’m happy to announce that Mr. Benjamin Trube has accepted my challenge. I’ve added a word count meter on the right side of the blog, the same as his, so you can track our competition. Let the best man win! *cough* It’s me *cough*

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