New Book!

As Ben and I remain locked in mortal combat over our respective novels (Surreality for him, The Crane Girl for me), I’ve decided to launch another little project on the side. I plan to self-publish a book by the end of the year.

Not a novel, but a book of poems. I’ll call it The Witching Hour.

Although I’ve written three books (and counting) before this, none have ever seen the light of day. I’ve never had anything I felt was publishable quality, even for a self-publish. But the poems are different.

I’m told the poetry market is absurdly difficult to break into in the usual, “mainstream” way – much harder than the fiction market, which isn’t exactly a cakewalk. Reader demand is relatively low, and they tend to want established names, not newbies. And in the world of poetry, having an “established name” usually means not having a pulse.

So that’s one factor: self-publishing is the only viable option (that I know of) for poems. Another factor is that I’m human, and after three and a half novels in the dark, I want to see my name on the cover of a book, dammit.

And finally, I’ve got all these poems lying around, old and new, and it seems like a waste not to do something with them. After all, they represent a period of ten years, over a third of my life.

So, yeah: new book coming. The Witching Hour. Should be available before Christmas. I’ll keep you posted.

Questions? Comments?

7 responses to “New Book!

  1. I am currently struggling my way through author-publishing a collection of stories, so empathise with your desire to get it done before Christmas. If you want to talk something through or just rant about a flaw in the process, feel free to drop me a line.

    Also, if you want a review on/around the release date, my review schedule for December is still flexible.

  2. cool where can i get it

  3. If you have a bunch of poems that you haven’t published on the web yet, I would totally love to such on a book on amazon or something. Will there be a lot of poems that haven’t been published before? And if the answer is yes, when can I get it?

    • Most (but not all) have been published on the web already. However, many are scattered across a variety of websites, so you may not have read them all. And I’ve done some revision since they were first posted online, and added a few other little touches.

      In addition to the paper version on Amazon, I’ll also have a full, free PDF version. That way you can look it over first and see if you want to buy it.

      Not sure on the date yet, but sometime this month!

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