Need a Christmas gift idea? The Witching Hour is available now!


This weekend I finally finished checking over the proof and attending to all the other little details Amazon requires. I can now say that my new book, The Witching Hour and other poems, is available for purchase.

You can get the physical copy for $4.99, or (as always) a PDF version for free.

If you’re hunting for the link later, you can click the Witching Hour image over on the right sidebar. Or you can just search for brian d buckley on Amazon, and it’ll come up.

Remember – if you like my poems, you can get a copy as a Christmas gift for someone you love. And if you don’t, get it as a gift for someone you hate!

There’s no eBook version yet, but I’ve got top people on the case. I bribed convinced my esteemed colleague Benjamin Trube to do the eBook formatting for me, since it turns out to be rather difficult, and he’s quite the expert after having self-pubbed his fractal eBook recently.

So. The Witching Hour. Buy it, or download it free, your choice. And thanks to everyone who bought it already, before I even announced it. You rock, peeps.

And don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll talk about something else. I promise!

6 responses to “Need a Christmas gift idea? The Witching Hour is available now!

  1. Will the eboook be published in Kindle format?

  2. I’ve only paged through it quickly so I’m not sure if this question is answered, but there are some beautiful illustrations included. Are these done by you?

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