5 More Things to Love About Iceland

Because I’m obsessed with Iceland, apparently.

1. The Iceland Phallological Museum

“The Icelandic Phallological Museum contains a collection of more than two hundred and fifteen penises and penile parts belonging to almost all the land and sea mammals that can be found in Iceland.” So says the official website. But we’d better go count to make sure.

2. Akureyri Golf Club

I don’t even like golf, but this is enticing: the northernmost 18-hole golf course in the entire world. Home of the Arctic Open, where you can tee off in full sunlight at 3 am!

3. The Althing

The Icelandic parliament is the oldest on Earth, dating back over a millennium. But more importantly, it’s called the Althing, which is without doubt my new favorite parliament name in existence.

4. Hákarl

Hákarl is fermented shark meat. You literally take a hunk of shark, you let it rot, and then you eat it. From what I hear, you only make that mistake once. But the locals swear it’s a delicacy.

5. Coke Addiction

Did you know that Iceland drinks more Coca-Cola per person than any other country on the planet? I’m not a big soda fan personally (bad for your teeth, etc.) but I still think this is cool. Rotten shark and Coke, cheers!

4 responses to “5 More Things to Love About Iceland

  1. I recently went with my parents in search of the aurora, it was thick cloud so we didn’t see them but I gladly settled for seeing the Althing/scenery. I didn’t eat any hakarl though, that’s definitely a gimmick to sell rotten fish to tourists! haha

  2. Probably! But if I ever go, I’ll eat some anyway, just to say I did it. 🙂

  3. Sir, first I must commend you on writing about Iceland- because it is awesome. So, good job. However, you completely forgot to mention the Icelandic Horse! This is one of the most unique horse breeds there is! Did you know…

    1. No live animals are allowed onto the island of Iceland. Therefore, disease rates (for animals, and zoonotic disease) are EXTREMELY low (virtually non-existent).
    2. You will never see the Summer Olympics held in Iceland for the above reason (the Equestrian games would not be able to be held!)
    3. Once an Icelandic Horse (or chicken, dog, etc) leaves the island, they can NEVER return. (Therefore, the only time you see Iceland in the Summer Olympics for the Equine games will be when they are selling the mare or stallion for big bucks for breeding).
    4. The Icelandic Horse actually has the ability to digest meat (in small portions). During the Winter, when weather is really harsh and the horses have a hard time getting food, the Icelanders will catch Salmon, salt it, then bury it halfway in the ground in a 50 gallon drum. The horses will then snack on the Salmon when there is no other food.
    5. The Icelandic Horse is 3, 4, or 5 gaited, depending on breeding. It is the ONLY breed that has 3 possible total gaits.

    PS. When I worked at the Icelandic Horse Farm (in Vermont), my boss said the Phallological Museum was awesome when she visited there…

    PPS. I will totally go to Iceland at ANY time!!

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