He’s Got the Whole World…


My wife and I received this world map from her aunt for Christmas. We just put it up Saturday. It’s so big, it went up in three separate pieces, and we had to prime the wall and glue it on like wallpaper. By the time we got the supplies and prepared everything, it took several hours. Not easy, but then few cool things ever are.

I can’t get over how giant this thing is. It doesn’t look as big in the photo, but remember, I’m 6’5″. It’s massive.

Well, not massive. I mean, it’s paper. The mass is minimal. But it’s large.

So what are we going to do with this thing?

Maybe we’ll put up Post-It notes to mark cool places, or places we want to visit. (Iceland, here we come!) Or maybe we’ll just stare at it in awe and drag visitors over to make strained compliments. (“My, it certainly is…large?”)

This is the same wall that has the bookshelves, so it’s turning into quite the educational center for our house. But then, we’re geeks like that. We’re thinking of putting the solar system up in the kitchen.

Got any cool stuff on your walls?

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