Moon in a Glass

ice sphere

Betsy bought a little mold that makes spherical ice “cubes.” We feel incredibly fancy when we sip water from a glass with one of these inside. (Oh, how do you cool your beverage? With rectangles? How middle-class.) For some reason, there’s something inherently fun about balls of ice.

By that standard, Tethys should be the life of the party.


Tethys is a moon of Saturn, and it’s made almost entirely of ice. Strange, isn’t it, to think of a whole giant moon, millions of miles away, that’s basically the same as what we put in our drinks at home. If we had a big enough glass, it would actually float!

In Greek mythology, Tethys was a titaness, daughter of Gaia, mother of rivers. This made her sister to Saturn, which is why a moon of Saturn gets “Tethys” for a name. Neat, huh?

In conclusion: Tethys!


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