On Writing Again

I met with my psychiatrist last week. For the first time ever, we didn’t make any changes to my medication. I’m doing pretty well as is.

That’s a tremendous milestone, and Betsy and I celebrated that night with a glass of champagne each – the first alcohol I’ve had in many months. (Doctor-approved.)

Slowly, slowly, things are looking up. And the writing is coming back.

First, my journal, which started up again – first sporadically, now every other day or so.

Then, the blog, which has been going more or less daily for weeks now.

Around Christmas, I started reading books again in a big way.

On January 1st, my mom and I started a Haiku 365 challenge, writing one a day for the entire year. I may post some of those soon.

And now – after what seems like forever – I’m writing stories again. And not just grinding them out a word at a time, but loving it. I’ve finished two little stories already. The one I’m working on now is seventeen pages and counting, and that’s all in the last three days. That’s a pretty good pace even by my old standards.

And I’m not just dumping words on paper. It’s serious, careful writing, the way I used to do.

Maybe best of all, my obsessions are coming back. I spend all my free time writing, and my non-free time thinking about writing – mentally arranging scenes, playing with dialogue.

It’s a little on the crazy side, but it’s the best kind of crazy I’ve been in a while.

So, any good news you’ve gotten lately, put it in the comments!

6 responses to “On Writing Again

  1. This is one of those times when I wish I could hit the like button a bunch of times. Like seven or threveteen.

  2. Glad to hear you’re doing well!

    My good news: I have a great job for this semester ( my last ) and I have job lined up for when I graduate. Woo I’m soooo close to financial independence.

  3. I’m also glad to hear it, Brian! 😀

    My good news? School is still going, so that’s good. I’m happy that you’re feeling better! Next time I’m in town, we’ll have to try to hang out.

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