Friday Link

Here’s what’s up: English lacks a gender-neutral singular personal pronoun! Options like “he or she,” “s/he,” and “ze” are awkward; universal “he” is sexist and outdated; rephrasing or alternating the pronouns isn’t always possible! What’s a writer to do? EMBRACE THE SINGULAR THEY!

It’s good enough for Chaucer, Austen, and Shakespeare, and a growing number of copyeditors are embracing it too! They’re probably not embracing all these exclamation marks though! Tell your friends, spread the word, Singular They is the future!!

*sips coffee*

4 responses to “Friday Link

  1. I feel like I already use this in spoken language a good amount, but it does look weird to me in some sentences…

    the exclamations I’m ok with!! I love em!

    I’d love to see the interrobang used in more places. Isn’t it just the most useful lil piece of punctuation‽

  2. “I prefer not to.” (Bartleby, the proofer)

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