Friday Links

A friendly reminder that the Church of Scientology is despicable, and is neither church nor scientific. Tell your friends.

Next we have Scientific American – which is, in fact, scientific – and a fascinating article on the search for alien supercivilizations. Also: did you know Freeman Dyson, the guy who came up with the Dyson Sphere idea, is still alive? And evidently still doing interviews. Kickass.

Fun facts for the editing-obsessed (who, me?): disabling MS Word’s annoying Paste Options box, the history of the comma (serial and otherwise), and a delightfully thorough investigation of the singular “they.”

Hope your weekend is Type III or higher on the Kardashev scale! See you Monday.

One response to “Friday Links

  1. Serial comma yay! (Singular “they” boo!)

    There was one glitch in the comma piece, though:

    “After all, that’s what the other commas in a series stand for: ‘Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!’ A comma preceding ‘and’ is redundant. …”

    Bad example. Nobody uses commas when they go Hemingway (“xxxx and yyyyy and zzzzz”). The “and”s are clearly replacing commas throughout so that the sentence flows in that particular way.

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