The Matryoshka Box

Ever have something happen to you, where you look at it and think, “Okay, where’s the camera”? (Well, probably not, because you have a smartphone, and they all have cameras, sooo…)


Last week, Betsy got a gift from her aunt in the mail. It arrived in a big cardboard box. Inside that was another box. Inside that…

Well, I’ll just show you the picture. Packaging on the left, actual gift on the right.pieSomewhere, some lucky cardboard salesman got a promotion.

Incidentally, the gift itself is a ceramic pie dish. In the center is written:

(√-1) 8 ∑ π

That is, “i eight sum pi,” or “I ate some pie.” Go ahead, chuckle. You know you want to.

I’m not sure which pleases me more, the fact that I have this dish, or the fact that it’s now the second pi-related pie dish we own. That’s right – this is my world.

4 responses to “The Matryoshka Box

  1. I’m definitely showing this to Arlene. She will be SO impressed!

  2. My camera is either with me or in the place I keep it, so I know where my camera is to the highest accuracy I will admit.

    However, I frequently wonder why things happen when I can’t reach it: for I have never owned a smartphone.

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