Friday Links

A video of Ray Bradbury at a Caltech symposium in 1971, which also drew such luminaries as Carl Sagan and Arthur C. Clarke. (Can you believe none of them are around anymore?) Anyway, Bradbury talks for a bit – he’s really funny, and laughs at his own goofy anecdotes along with everyone else – then reads his poem, “If Only We Had Taller Been.”

This is one of those poems I had never even heard of, and then I read it, and all I could think was wow. Just brilliant. Here’s the text.

Have a prodigious weekend.

2 responses to “Friday Links

  1. Dude! I (too) had never heard of this poem before, but when the New Horizons mission was nearing its closet point to Pluto, NPR had an article with it. I think it’s an amazing piece of workl! 🙂

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